"FIGHT THE FIGHT" Splatter Vinyl (Signed)

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FIGHT THE FIGHT`s "Self Titled Debut Album" VINYL

“ The album is filled to the brim with youthful energy & intensity ”

- Metal Hammer Norway

“A catchy, atmospheric, punk-rock racket”

– Metal Hammer UK

“This album is some of the best Norwegian music I’ve heard in a long time” 6/6
– Stig Odegaard, Scream Mag Norway

“...Fight The Fight plays a musical style that takes black metal, metalcore, punk and modern

rock and mixes them together to create something very original...

8/10, Blackened Death Metal (NO)

”... "Nice travel on the last 20 years of metal. A very modern view on what is going on that musicworld."

- 8/10 - Lettere dall' Underground

“ Absolute insanity, the guys of Fight The Fight know exactly what they are doing when it comes tofresh and exciting Metal music””

– 4,5/5 Cryptic Rock